Bears Leaving Their Mothers About Now To Establish Their Own Territories

This is about the time of year that the bears leave their mothers to establish their own territory. They are born in the winter and stay with their mothers for about a year and a half. (Southern Black Bears do not necessarily hibernate.) During this time, they wander, looking for a suitable place to call their home. So bear sightings tend to increase in residential neighborhoods.

It’s a good time to check and make sure you don’t have any food sources around your cabin, and it’s also a good time to make sure that your dog doesn’t get in a tangle with a bear. According to my notes, the last time I saw a young bear at our cabin was August 4 of last year, so we’re definitely in the window.

If you happen to see a bear, you are very lucky. I’ve only seen about ten in thirty years here. But it’s a good time to be cautious, especially at night. And it’s a good time to take your bird feeders down for a while. Bears are definitely attracted to them, and if your feeders are on or near the porch, you definitely don’t want a bear there, as they can do some serious damage.

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