A Note on the Progress of Spring: Sarvis Coming, Pine Pollen Too; Turkey Season is In

I’ve seen the first sarvis in bloom on the south side of Pittman Mountain, about 1,800 feet. It’s going to have to hurry if it’s going to help the old gals decorate the altar for Easter.

People always ask me about this, so here it is. I saw the first substantial dusting of pine pollen on my truck yesterday. This morning, there was some mixed in with the water on my deck from the little thunderstorm last night.

Turkey season came in Saturday, and will be open until May 15. This is the normal, but not inevitable date. Back when we had a trout season, it was a fixed date, the last weekend in March. Turkey usually came in on the same day, but not always. Remember that if you are out in the woods and you hear crow, turkey, or owl calls that they may be being made by a hunter. Especially if they sound real bogus. Turkey hunters wear camo and face paint and sit with their back to a tree, usually. The use of turkey decoys is becoming more popular. From the signs I’ve seen, the rut is definitely on, so there will be hunters in the woods. Please don’t mess with them. Number one, it’s a crime in Georgia to interfere with a hunter. Number two, turkey hunting is a religion that rivals Christianity in the southern Appalachians. If I wanted to hike, and I saw a pickup truck that looked like a turkey hunter – you know, no ATC sticker – I’d look for another place. Just for my own peace of mind.

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