A Note on Local Vax Rates, Union General Hospital Not Requiring Vax of Employees

For those of you who may wonder what’s going on locally, the vax rate in Union County is about 42%. I’d assume that Fannin County is lower. Hospitalizations have tripled in Union County as of last week.

Speaking of hospitalizations, I had to have an MRI at Union General last week, and I was shocked when my MRI technician told me he had not been vaccinated. (I asked him when he took off my mask.) A friend of mine who used to work in the urology operating room at Northside in Atlanta was flabbergasted by that news. He said he was told if he didn’t get a FLU shot, that he’d be fired. Shall we call this total irresponsibility on the part of management?

Mask wearing is rare in the grocery stores in Union County, which is in general much more enlightened than Fannin County. Ingles is no longer requiring employees to mask, nor is Walmart. Among the public, you see an occasional person masked. Most people aren’t, in the grocery store or anywhere else.

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