A Happy Hoday Season to Us All!

We’ve had some very cold days lately, with lows around 20°. Today, we’re having heavy rain, and the weather service predicts sleet and snow for tonight with a possible accumulation of an inch and temperatures below the freeze. So, if you’re coming up this evening, be cautious as you reach the higher elevations.

We’ve continued our outdoor adventures to some extent, working around the very cold weather. We had a thrill the other day on Hwy 68, just before the John Muir Trail, when we came on an eagle scavenging a road killed squirrel. While the scavenging behavior isn’t so attractive for our national icon, neither one of us has ever been as close to an eagle, and we got some very good looks. Having seen a daytime bear a few days before in the Cohuttas, we’re having a pretty good year for unusual sightings.

Thursday is Thanksgiving, of course, which means that Light Up Blue Ridge is Saturday. Tuba Christmas is on at 10:30, followed by Santa’s arrival on the train at 11:15 and a parade at 11:30. There will be live music all day, leading up to the lighting of the tree about 6:00 PM.

The ice skating rink is back in the downtown park, and the Friday after Thanksgiving is Blue Friday, with the stores opening early and closing late.

Light Up the Basin is Friday night, starting about 5:30 PM.

Best wishes to all for a great holiday season. As always, there have been some challenges this year, but our family has a lot to be thankful for, and I hope your does too.

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